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Common Core Standards

Immediate online access to this 922 page manual.
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The Common Core Standards are upon us. Where do you go from here?

Educators everywhere are scrambling to understand not only the CCSS themselves, but their implications, practical considerations and next steps. These reference materials will begin to unwrap the issues and provide a general overview and clarity about the Common Core State Standards - what they are, how to understand them, potential steps in implementing them, some pitfalls to avoid, and information on valuable resources for moving forward.

Purchase these reference materials today so that you can begin to understand and implement the new standards in your classrooms.

Benefits for You
•Learn similarities and differences between CCSS and existing state standards
•Get a peek at what the assessment may look like so that you may prepare
•Network and collaborate with your peers
•Troubleshoot potential implementation challenges you may face


David Ghoogasian, The Lyceum