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Bullying and Social Aggression in Minnesota Schools

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Reduce the incidence of bullying, cyberbullying and social aggression in your school.

Students are threatened, taunted, teased and tormented by bullies on a daily basis. This happens in school districts in urban, rural and suburban areas. Bullying and social aggression can have lifelong consequences for all students involved; however, bullying is a learned behavior that can be prevented, and effective bullying prevention programs are working in schools throughout the country. Gain an understanding of updated Minnesota laws surrounding bullying and receive helpful strategies for combating bullying and creating a culture that increases the positive forces in schools.

Benefits for You
- Implement district anti-bullying policies with ease
- Define and spot the roles of the bully, victim and bystander
- Identify the social costs of bullying and cyberbullying - it's more dire that you think
- Use an effective 10-step strategy to confront bullying and social harassment


[email protected] Heather Alden, LICSW, Saint Paul Public Schools
Marion London, M.Ed., Independent Education Consultants Susan Strauss, Ed.D., Strauss Consulting Julie Young-Burns, MSN, RN, CPNP, Minneapolis Public Schools