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You Can't Make Me! Practical, Win-Win Strategies for Defiant, Defeated, and Other At-Risk Students

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Increase positivity in the classroom and explore practical, effective strategies for reducing stress and conflict. Teachers at any grade level can encounter a variety of challenging student behaviors, including defiance, defensiveness, indifference, disrespect, learned helplessness, or entitlement, for example. Rather than focusing on how to react to these behaviors, let's concentrate on how we can prevent them from occurring in the first place. We'll explore practical, effective strategies for reducing stress and conflict--including setting and maintaining boundaries, following through to build accountability, increasing positivity, building trust and mutual respect, and accommodating kids' needs for power within limits that won't make you crazy. We'll also examine practical and effective alternatives to common patterns and traditions that can undermine our authority and success, and leave us feeling frustrated and burned out. Let's remember the good things that drew us to teaching, and put the joy back in our work. These strategies are applicable for working with kids of all ages (including your own) and other adults as well.


Dr. Jane Bluestein, Instructional Support Services, Inc.



• Definitions and Examples

• Win-Lose Traditions to Overcome

• A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Creating Win-Win Authority Relationships

• Win-Win Authority and Power Dynamics

• Meeting Power Needs: Offering Choices Within Limits

• Offering Positive Consequences (Instead of Threats and Punishments)

• Using Boundaries With Flexibility and Good Follow-Through

• Avoiding Harmful Practices

Make Success Possible for All

• Keeping up With Change

• Creating Success

• Focus on What They're Doing Right

Respect and Accommodate Learning Differences

• The "Ideal" Learner

• Help for Modality Weaknesses

• Tools and Tips

• Using Accommodations Successfully

Build a Positive Emotional Climate

• Supporting Kids in Crisis

• Improving Problem Solving

• Preventing Meanness

Take Care of Yourself

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