Five Easy Ways to Incorporate SMART Boards into the Classroom

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September 18, 2012 — 1,174 views  

Teachers have many high-tech tools at their disposal in order to make
the learning experience in their classrooms more engaging, entertaining and
effective. One of the most promising new tech tools offered to teachers is the
SMART Board, a unique whiteboard that offers a high level of interactivity.

SMART Boards can stream content from a connected computer. Many SMART Boards
include built-in projectors so that teachers can easily share lesson materials
without all the hassle of using traditional overhead projection machines.
Teachers who wish to make the most of SMART Board technology should keep the
following five ideas in mind. Remember that today's students are more
technologically savvy than past generations and will benefit greatly from your
efforts to incorporate the SMART Board into lesson plans. 

Take Students on Tours of Far-Flung Locations

Many famous monuments and historic buildings now offer online tours. You can
treat students to a tour of a building or monument that you're learning about
in your class. Many students who find history and social studies lessons boring
will perk up when you take them on a tour of the areas that you have been
discussing. Science teachers can take advantage of dozens of webcams in state
and national parks that show off wildlife. 

Teach Hands-On Research Skills with Google and Your SMART Board

In order to compete in college and in the business world, your students need to
have solid research skills. In the past, teachers took students into libraries
and taught them how to search card catalogs or computer-based catalog systems.
Today, teachers can instill good research skills in students by demonstrating
how to conduct successful searches of Google and academic websites via the
SMART Board. Remember to help students learn good discernment skills so that
they know how to choose valid information while on the web. 

Review The Previous Day's Notes at The Beginning of Every Class Session

With the SMART Board, you can save anything you've written on the board while
giving a lesson. This means that you have a virtual storage space for all your
lesson notes and examples. You may wish to turn on the SMART Board and display
the previous day's lesson notes at the beginning of a class session. Display
notes at lunchtime and after school for students who are struggling to grasp

Prepare for A Test with A Fun On-Board Quiz Show

Using free online programs that you can access via your computer, host a
Jeopardy-like quiz show on your SMART Board to help students prepare for a big
test. Remember to give out candy or other prizes to students who answer
questions correctly. 

Help Students Present Digital Portfolios on The SMART Board

Many schools focus on helping students prepare a digital portfolio including
their resumes, business writing samples and other relevant work. After students
have compiled portfolios, teach them how to show off their work by allowing
them to present their portfolios via the SMART Board. Remember to give plenty
of helpful presentation tips along the way.

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