Treatment of Internet Addiction Disorder

Ras Reed
March 15, 2013 — 992 views  

Experts don't possess a definitive response about how or why Internet addiction takes place. One speculation is that several individuals become keen about the social features of the Internet because they find on-line relationships less threatening or more controllable. Another is that Internet addiction is an escape device for individuals with monetary stresses or relationship problems. Some clinicians think Internet addicts go through a "high" the same as betting. Internet addicts have a compulsive craving to access the Internet frequently, including symptoms of withdrawal and agitation once they are forced to be offline. In some situations, Internet addicts may experience negative effects in their daily lifestyles and interactions.

Just like many other addictive tendencies, Internet addiction is a form of impulse control where individuals use up unnecessary amounts of time on the net. Online gambling, innumerable information resources, chat rooms, social networking are simply a few of the activities existing within the cyberworld. What's different about obsessive Internet use is that the question on whether the Internet itself is addictive, or the particular activities it provides. As of yet, Internet addiction doesn't appear in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-IV); however, the American Psychological Association does acknowledge this circumstance as a problem.

Latest experiments have established that too much use of internet can cause psychological damage to a person. Aside from being an information provider, the latest traits of interest such as the social networking and content sharing have become an addiction that individuals are finding it difficult to live without it. A number of individuals have a false feeling that internet can serve as a place to expand intimate affiliation even with strangers.

The major symptom of an Internet addict is a deep-seated reluctance to go away from the presence of a PC. Addiction is measured by the number of hours used up on-line in addition to the amount of time exhausted using one specific application over the internet. For example, a World of Warcraft addict will likely use a lot of hours connected to the sport, but not so much time on different Internet sites. An acquaintance may also tote his laptop around with him everywhere he goes and decline to go to places where an Internet connection isn't available. Generally, when an individual's use of the Internet interferes with work, sleep or every day commitments, it is viewed as problematic.

As soon as you realize you may have a trouble with Internet addiction, you can begin to resolve the crisis. There are lots of self-help treatment options for those that need to tackle Internet addiction on their own.

Ras Reed