Partnering with Parents to Encourage Positive Student Behavior

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June 14, 2013 — 954 views  

Public school teachers and faculty have definitely been given a role by society in the raising of children; however, they have systematically had their leverage over the students taken from them by everything from no corporal punishment rules across the board all the way to Saturday detention being ruled cruel and unusual punishment in some states. Under these circumstances, how can a teacher expect to effectively partner with parents to ensure good student behavior?

Below are a few techniques that teachers still have at their disposal to aid parents in the proper rearing of a child/student.

One - The Parent-Teacher Conference

Meeting with parents is the single best way to show solidarity of purpose between all authorities, which is the in turn the best way to ensure proper discipline from children without harsher disciplinary action. At parent-teacher conferences, adults can discuss habits of the child as well as their own habits in relation to the child. Parents can find out if their children act a certain way around them and the teacher can learn if the child is receiving two different messages from the school and from the home.

Two - Community Events

Most public schools hold holiday events and fundraisers that include the parents, but how many of those events are actually used proactively to talk about the behavior of the children? This does not require a formal meeting to take place; however, if the parents and teachers take the initiative to stay in touch during these events, it showcases the solidarity of purpose between the two authority figures to the child and can reinforce the boundaries that have been set both at the home and at the school.

Three - Athletic Events at the School

One incredibly useful strategy that was employed by a school in Georgia was to make sure that kids with great attendance, good behavior and good academic records were made to be noticed at the athletic events. Many of them were allowed to lead the pep rallies, during which parents and teachers were able to honor them for responding well to the rules that had been placed for their benefit.

Four - Private Dinner Talks

Inviting teachers over to dinner is perhaps a lost art; however, this is also an effective way to increase the flow of knowledge between parents and teachers. Teachers have sometimes taken the initiative for all parents by throwing a barbecue, or this technique can remain limited to the children who need the most assistance if time constraints are a problem.

Five - Detailed Notes from Teachers

Instead of sending home papers with a lot of indecipherable red ink, many effective teachers are writing notes directly to parents to accompany the child home with an exceptionally bad mark or an uncharacteristic performance on an academic assignment. These messages are sent quietly and separately from the paper itself, through email or some other quick form of communication. Failure in academics can sometimes foreshadow problems in behavior and it is much better to cut these problems off before they become habits.

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