Common Core Math Resources for Teachers

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July 18, 2013 — 953 views  

Common Core Standards are a set of educational standards for Mathematics and English which better prepares students for college.  The Common Core Standards is an initiative led by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association.  Adopting and implementing the standards in all schools in the country will ensure that students across the nation are on common ground and have the literacy skills and knowledge required for college and career readiness.

How is Common Core Different from Math?

The Common Core Standards for Math outlines grade-level standards from kindergarten to high school.  The standards do not have curriculum or methods of teaching.  The curriculum is designed by a teacher which helps the student to attain the goal or standard.  There is no step-by-step method of what comes first and what comes second.

According to NGA and CCSSO, the standards for mathematics help in:

  • Greater focus – The Common Core Standards focuses on fewer topics but impart an in-depth understanding of the topics to students.
  • Emphasis on practices – The Common Core Standards outlines eight practices which are to be developed in each student.  The eight practices are:

    • Understand problems and persist in solving them
    • Abstract and quantitative reasoning
    • Build viable arguments and review others’ reasoning
    • Model with mathematics
    • Strategic usage of tools
    • Make use of definitions in communication
    • Make use of structure
    • Regular reasoning
  • Skills, understanding, and application – Students will need to understand a problem before attempting to solve it.
  • Coherence – The Common Core Standards introduces newer topics at every grade and students move on to newer and more advanced topics

Resources for Teachers

During implementation of Common Core Standards, it is crucial that the teachers have a thorough understanding of the Standards and the how they differ from current standards.  The schools can also implement professional development for the teachers.  The following websites can be a good starting point for essential reading materials from the organizations behind the Common Core Standards:

Additionally, the teachers can make use of websites created by their respective states, articles and presentations on Common Core Standards, and blogs.

The Common Core Standards are rigorous, based on research and evidence, in tune with college and workplace expectations, and last but not least, at par with international benchmarks.  In short, students who meet Common Core Standards demonstrate strong content knowledge, use technology and digital media strategically, understand the perspectives of other people and cultures, and respond to the demands of a varied audience.

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