National Board Certification Costs to Decrease

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September 11, 2013 — 895 views  

Teachers finally get a slight breather now that the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has decreased the cost by about six hundred dollars. This pocket saver is so that teachers can now take up professional courses other than the National Board to help them with their careers rather than having to worry about the fees so much. The drop in price was partly facilitated by a generous donation of 3.7 million dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Quality Teaching with the Help of Lower Costs

The idea of this is to ease up on the finances for teachers so that they can focus more on quality and providing excellent education to their students. This new development has been appreciated by many, but also has got a number of critics saying that the National Board is not worth the course because of various factors. Some critics say that the Board can be passed very easily if you know what is being looked for.

At the same time, others mention that some very good teachers can get rejected while mediocre ones pass through. So, the system itself can be dysfunctional. There are various changes being made so that the Board will now promote exactly what it has stood for all this while. The changes will be made by committees responsible, and will be carried out professionally because of the competent people who are part of the committees.

Committees Involved and the Gates Foundation

The teams of efficient personnel are dedicated to take this forward and ensure that the changes are done soon so that teachers can start feeling the benefits from this endeavor. There will probably have to be some new guidelines based on the experience of the teachers who go through the board now that there have been these changes. Officials from the Board state that the changes that are taking place at the moment show that learning is now happening on the field where people can get hands-on experience.

The Gates Foundation has provided for and promoted quite a few enterprises of similar caliber and have gone out of its way to promote fields of research and teaching study. The timing of this cut is very helpful because of the recent recession that has taken place in the past few years. Cutting down on fees may bring some able people into the field. The Board qualification is also credible so teachers with a certificate get comparatively higher wages too.

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