Mental Health Programs Help Students with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

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October 7, 2013 — 956 views  

Mental health programs are designed to help students with emotional and behavioral difficulties. Project Hope is one such program. This program is especially focused to students severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. Natural disasters can cause severe emotional distress among victims. It can also be quite complicated. 

How Emotional Behavioral Difficulties can Affect Children

Emotional behavioral difficulties can severely impact some children. One of the symptoms of a learning disability is inconsistent academic performance. SBMH offers several strategies including family and groups counseling, individual treatment and on campus crisis intervention. Usually, depending on the severity of emotional disturbance, children may experience short to long term episodes of depression. 

While they may appear to be doing some things well, they could be dramatically struggling to perform other tasks. They may exhibit a mismatch between abilities and actual outcomes, which could be upsetting to them. In addition to school underachievement, they could face relationship problems with friends and families. They could also be at risk of substance or alcohol abuse. 

Evidently, a traumatic event can lead to emotional disturbance, a sense of constant threat, disturbing imageries which may intervene with the normal functioning and mental growth. The child may experience the world as dangerous and may feel vulnerable.

What is SBMH and how can it Help Children?

School based mental health program or SBMH is the mental health program for school kids that offers appropriate and timely mental health interventions needed by school kids. This program uses a number of intervention models. It also runs a teen website to address the needs of teens struggling with depression, drugs, and violence. Their other activities include presentations, on site mental health programs, MRT program, screening at risk students, early recognition, and screening program among several more other programs.  

In other words, SBMH is like a mental health office within a school. The program offers a wide range of mental health services. The comprehensive mental health programs offered in schools have been in existence for over 20 years. Over 200 such programs, all private and confidential help serve NYC schools. These programs are much acclaimed for keeping students in the mental state of fitness through timely intervention and counseling and other appropriate remedies.  

Signs that a Student Needs Help From SBMH

There are several signs that reflect whether students need mental assistance. The mental maturity of students can reflect whether students are in need of assistance or not, and if so, the level of assistance they would need. While some students could be facing mental issues since their childhood for no apparent environmental reasons, there could be others who could be victimized or traumatized. The SBMH assistance is available to both sets of students.

The student could be a slow learner or could not be performing to age appropriate level. Their academic performance could be going down. They may be under depression or could be showing signs of excessive violence. They could be facing problems in concentrating for long. They may be finding it difficult to communicate or make positive relationships with others. The child could be feeling alienated or feeling troubled by bullies and yet may not be complaining. These are all signs that a student needs help.    

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