Districts Not Happy with the Healthcare Law

Association of Educators
October 23, 2013 — 844 views  

The Affordable Care Act has put many school districts in a fix. Most of them are worried about complying with the act operationally as well as financially. Some administrators have even come out and said that the Act is forcing them to make a choice between carrying the burden of heavy charges of the heath coverage for the presently uninsured employees, or to cut back on the working hours of such employees.

One of their biggest concerns is the 2010 central law provision, which makes it mandatory that private, as well as public, employers who have employed a minimum of 50 workers need to provide health insurance to their full time workers. The full time workers have been identified as those who work an average of a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Most of the districts have been dependent on support-staff members for a long time without providing them any sort of health insurance. These members include cafeteria workers, bus drivers and even instructional aides. While most are planning to cut down the working hours of their employees, many others are also considering the option. Some school officials are worried that this step will hurt their employees as it will show up as a reduction in their paychecks.

Delay in Law Enforcement

President Barack Obama’s decision to delay the enforcement of this law has brought some relief to the employers. As the law has been scheduled to come in to effect from 2015, many employers said that it has taken away the pressure for a while. But that does not mean that they are not worried about it. Certain concerns continue to bother them.

Around 11 percent of officials from various school businesses said that last year one of their major issues was the effect of the health care law. This year there has been an increase in this number which has grown up to 54 percent. This information was given out by Association of School Business Officials International which conducted a survey on the topic.

Supporters Backing the Law

The supporters of the law have said that employees who do their job for more than 30 hours every week deserve insurance whether it is in the field of education or any other industry.

Southeast Dubois County district is dependent on close to 50 support-staff workers other than the regular administrators and teachers which are around 80. Giving out health insurance to all these staff members will be difficult for the district as it does not have enough funds.

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