Classroom Management: What to Always Do

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November 4, 2013 — 1,002 views  

Classroom management is one of the many tasks that teachers are expected to do in their work environment. Classroom management essentially consists of ensuring that the classroom is orderly and disciplined. Any kind of untoward behavior or disorder is supposed to be controlled by the teacher. This is expected of any teacher these days. The teacher can take his own initiative to maintain a good classroom environment.

Have the Attention of the Students

The teacher should always ensure that he or she has the complete attention of the students. This can be done by making the classroom activities more fun and engaging for the students. When the students are paying attention to the teacher, they are less likely to engage in any kind of misconduct or disturb the class. To do this, the teacher should have an understanding of the classroom and the students’ needs and behaviors. This comes with practice. The teacher should immerse himself in this practice as often as possible.

Reward Good Behavior

When students are behaving well, it should be rewarded in any of the several ways that are permissible. The teacher should personally acknowledge well behaved students. He can also give presents or other gifts to the students. This will reinforce good behavior and encourage the students to behave well in the future as well.

The teacher should also set an example by making note of those students whose behavior is exemplary and should be emulated by the other students.

Punishing Bad Behavior

Bad behavior should be punished by the teacher. It is important to detect bad behavior as soon as possible. There should be no delay in the bad behavior and its punishment. This will help the students realize that bad behavior will not be tolerated.

However, punishment should not be too harsh. The students are very young, and this should be kept in mind while administering the punishment. The punishment should not last very long. It should get over quickly. The student should get the message at the end of the punishment.

Use Peer Approval

The teacher can make use of peer support and approval to curb bad behavior. Many times, the behavior of students is directed by the expectations of their peers--the other students. If the other students are behaving well and encouraging good behavior from others as well, then this will spread among the students and create natural incentives for good behavior. Students often want the approval of their friends. That is why it is important to ensure that the students and their friends are in the classroom management policy together and are made to encourage and learn from each other.

In conclusion, it can be said that classroom management can be accomplished fairly easily if the teacher sticks to the guidelines. All that is required is quick and effective implementation of the right policy. The teachers should take the lead in implementing the policy. The teacher should take the responsibility for acknowledging good behavior and punishing bad behavior. Only then will the classroom management strategy succeed and will provide a good result for everyone.

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