YMCA’s Early Learning Readiness Promotion

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October 30, 2013 — 915 views  

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of the USA is well known for its constant efforts in working towards the benefit of the community and empowering the youth. The latest initiative that YMCA is spending time and money on is one that concerns children’s education in the country. They are promoting early readiness for learning across USA by offering an Early Learning Readiness Program for informal family, friends and neighborhood caregivers. This helps adults to enhance their role in the early development of a child so that they may start their schooling with a strong foundation.

Reach of the Program

The goal is to provide preschool learning opportunities to children that grow up in low income communities around the country. Children in these communities are generally neglected the provision of pre-schooling. The organization has expanded across the nation to thirty different centers. Certain school districts have also played an important role in helping YMCA locate neighborhoods where children really need the additional support before schooling. These organizations include suggestions about the best ways for adults to involve children in learning, stories, puzzles, counting and other activities that can be carried out daily at home. These activities have proven to help in a child’s cognitive and emotional development during the preschool stage.  This develops an early learning readiness as well.

Importance of Engaging Early Learning

It has been agreed worldwide that the first five years of development are extremely critical in the growth of a child. The support that YMCA provides for these children is necessary as there are numerous caretakers of infants that are not receiving the support that they require. Not having any positive development and being completely distant from any kind of education in the pre-schooling age is very disadvantageous and detrimental to the way a child may develop. A child living in poverty who lacks pre-schooling can be found to be more than a year behind the average starting kindergartener. To close such a gap between different students is difficult, costly and time consuming. YMCA has made it a point to help out children at the earliest age possible as it is more effective and efficient than remediation methods needed when a child joins school being years behind other students.

Providing quality preschool education with highly qualified staff that is available to all sections of society can go in a long way to provide benefits and result in a lasting future impact on the development of both the individual and the society. With such gains that can be derived and the implications that early learning has upon the growth of a child, YMCA’s initiative can benefit the development of the entire nation.

Association of Educators