Successful Parent – Teacher Communication: What Every Teacher Should Know

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November 11, 2013 — 1,076 views  

Parent teacher communication is an important part of any classroom education strategy. The child can get best results from the education system, only if the parents and teachers cooperate. It is necessary to have good communication between parents and the teacher. The teachers should be aware of the needs and demands of the parents and should also be following the guidelines. These will improve the parent teacher communication and will result in a great educational boon for the children.


It is important for the teacher to be as honest as possible with the parents. The teacher should not hide any fact about the child from the parents. In case of any problems, the teacher should immediately consult the parents. This will help to gain the trust of the parents. They will feel that their child is being well taken care of. The parents will always appreciate honesty in their interactions with the teachers. They want to know the truth about their child and its potential.

Regular Meetings

The teacher should hold regular meetings with the parents. This will help them to exchange suggestions and provide regular feedback on the progress of the child. These meetings can be scheduled at any time of the year. They can be held yearly or monthly depending on the needs of the parents and the priorities of the teachers.

Accurate Feedback

The teacher should try to ensure that the feedback that they provide about the child to the parents should be as accurate as possible. The parents want to know how their child can progress. They want to do everything possible that is within their means to help their child. This requires accurate feedback from the teachers. The teachers should explain the growth, the learning, and the skills of the child to the parents as accurately as possible. The teacher should not hide anything; Even criticism and negative feedback is acceptable as long as it is accurate.

Implementation of Suggestions

Any suggestions made by the parents should be implemented by the teachers as soon as possible. The teachers should always give the highest priority to the needs of the child and the requests made by the parents. Whatever requirements are specified by the parents should be noted by the teachers and put into action. The parents would like to see whatever progress is being made on their suggestions. The teachers by doing this can gain a lot of trust from the parents.

In conclusion, it can be said that good parent teacher communication is the key to a child’s education and future success. The teachers and parents together form a team. They should do their best to achieve the objectives that are expected from the education of the child. The child will benefit the most when the teacher’s actions and parent’s suggestions are in harmony with each other. The teacher has the responsibility to ensure that the all the goals are met and the child succeeds. Only then will the parents feel that their objective has been achieved and their child has succeeded.

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