How to Modify Your Teaching Techniques to Fit Student Needs

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December 3, 2013 — 1,113 views  

Teaching is the oldest and the most noble profession in the world. Many of the reputed educational institutions that have gained respect and reputation are mostly because of the teachers there.  The vocation of teaching is constantly evolving and has stood the test of time with new tools and modified teaching techniques being used to help the teachers teach their students in a better way. In many places the traditional way of using the blackboard and chalk for teaching has been replaced by hi-tech tools like projectors and power-point presentations. Slowly but surely, the way of teaching is becoming more and more interactive and students are able to make full use of it.

Challenges Faced by Students While Learning

It is indeed a very challenging job but it is not only the teachers who face the prospect of a tough time while teaching but also the students while learning. Some of these student difficulties are listed below:

  • Difficulty in coping with all the subjects: Many students, especially in their childhood, face problems in coping with the huge syllabus and tend to get nervous and frustrated. Such learning difficulties are quite common in schools.
  • Failing to communicate their problems with the elders: Many times because of their shy behavior, children don't open up to their teachers and parents about the problems they are facing which slowly becomes a big issue.
  • Having very low attention span: Some children are not able to concentrate for a long period of time and as a result don't pay attention to what the teachers are teaching and so are not able to perform well.
  • Intense competition: In some countries where a person's future depends on how he/she has performed in their academics, children are forced by their parents to perform well at all costs from a young age. Some won't be able to survive the competition and breakdown and tend to drop out.

Tips for Teachers to help out the Students Facing Difficulty

It is important for the teachers to understand the needs of their students, and although all students must be treated equally, those who are lagging must be given special attention so that they are not left behind. Some teaching tips that will surely be of great help for teachers are as follows:

  • Know your students as individuals and give them complete freedom to express themselves.
  • Observe carefully the behavior of your students in the class and encourage them to participate and be a lot more interactive.
  • Listen carefully to all your students and never let anyone feel that they have been ignored.
  • Encourage your students to work in teams so that they know the value of team-work by giving them certain group tasks.

There are many more things that a teacher can do and they must not limit themselves in any way to help their students as they are the future of this world.

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