Healthcare Debate Reaches Schools and Colleges

Association of Educators
November 27, 2013 — 904 views  

The healthcare debate that is already raging across the country has now reached schools and colleges. Many employees working for schools and colleges do not have healthcare. And, if they do, it is not paid for by the employers. This state of things might soon change thanks to the changes brought about by Obama. But there are many naysayers and detractors who want to maintain the current status quo.

Cost of Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is already quite high. If employers, such as schools and colleges, are made to pay for it, it would cost them in the millions. Quite expectedly, the employers are trying their best to avoid making this payment.

It is also claimed that schools and colleges are already working on a meager budget and the cost of healthcare will stretch their budget too thin, making it impossible for them to fulfill their key purpose, which is providing education.

It is in the best interest of the employers and the employees to ensure that the cost of healthcare is shared between them. Either that or healthcare should be paid for by taxation.

Hourly Workers

A large majority of school employees are hourly workers. They are not the familiar full time employees that are found in most corporations. It is claimed that providing healthcare to them is not in the interest of the employers because they are not full time employees.

Hourly workers are used to perform most of a school’s day to day tasks like food catering and low level administration. Providing healthcare to hourly workers would make an inefficient use of a school’s resources which are already too meager and need to be applied elsewhere. Hourly workers can easily switch jobs, which makes providing healthcare to them a burden for their employers.

Other Issues

There are several other issues as well, such as providing health care to the families of the employees. This is another controversial issue and many politicians are bitterly opposed to each other on this issue. Democrats and Republicans are taking a completely different stand on this issue.

These issues need to be sorted out as soon as possible, as the new law by Obama is going to take effect soon. By that time, most school employees would expect to have healthcare. Only, it is not clear who is going to pay for it. A resolution could be achieved in the future, but we might have to wait for it.


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