Kathy Hollowell-Makle Invited to State of the Union Address

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January 29, 2014 — 1,024 views  

2014 began on a good note for Kathy Hollowell-Makle, who was awarded the Teacher of the Year 2013 for the District of Columbia Public Schools. This accomplishment even got her invited to be seated next to first lady Michelle Obama, during the State of the Union address of President Obama.

Hollowell-Makle makes it to Michelle Obama's Guest List

Hollowell-Makle, a teacher in Southeast at Abraham Simon Elementary School, has been in the profession since 1998. She began her career with a nonprofit organization based in New York, Teach for America. She has been a teacher at Simon for about four years and has also served various related committees. She has even been a mentor teacher and a grade-level chair.

She spoke about her love for teaching when she got the award. It took her around 15 years to reach this milestone in her career. But more than winning the award, what actually made her proud was the fact that over 80 percent of her students last year advanced a minimum of two reading levels.

Principal Adelaide Flamer was also all praises for her. Flamer called her a dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and compassionate educator who was equally generous when it came to sharing best practices based on research, with her colleagues.

The first lady's guests are usually the citizens who symbolize a policy or an issue that is promoted by the president. Hollowell-Makle got her screen time during the speech of the president in the education section emphasizing poverty, and income inequality.

Other Guests of the First Lady

Among the other guests of Michelle Obama were basketball player Jason Collins, student entrepreneur Joey Hudy, Boston Marathon bombing survivors Jess Bauman and Carlos Arredondo and fire chief of Moore, Oklahoma, Gary Bird.

Gary Bird and his team played a major role in rescuing the survivors of the massive tornado that hit the region in May, last year. The tornado destroyed around 1000 homes and killed about 25 people. Jason Collins is an active male athlete of a popular American sports team. Joey Hudy was one of the participants of science fair 2012 at the White House. He invented the 'extreme marshmallow cannon', an air-pressurized cannon. Carlos Arredondo had rushed Jess Bauman from the place of attack during the Boston bombing, and had saved his life. Bauman, on the other hand, helped in identifying the bombers responsible for the attack.

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