The Importance of Teaching Nutrition During P.E.

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March 18, 2014 — 835 views  

Nutrition is a subject that needs to be given importance in schools nowadays. Since the number of obese children is increasing constantly, it is important for schools to pay attention to student nutrition, along with general education. It is essential for the school children to learn the difference between unhealthy and healthy eating habits. Schools provide ample opportunities to introduce nutrition education in various forms. Here are some of the ideal ways to introduce nutrition education for students in your school.

Educational field trips

Field trips are a great way of teaching students about many different aspects of education, including nutrition. This can help greatly in the case of elementary schools as these trips can be easily arranged and conducted. The trip could include a simple visit to the local farmers market, farms or food processing factories where the kids can learn about nutrition. Nothing will make an everlasting impression on the young minds as a day of fun-filled activity away from the classroom. As such, field trips are one of the best ways to introduce nutrition into education.

Physical education

All schools have physical education as a part of the curriculum. Introducing nutrition in P.E. will be a great decision as students can learn the importance of exercise and nutrition for a healthy life. There is a lot the instructor can do, from recommending diets to training the students to identify and include the right components of food in their diet to maintain healthy growth. The same can also be extended into various activities that enrich and help the children grow in a positive manner.

Awareness activities for families

Another interesting way to promote nutrition education in schools is through awareness activities that involve not only students, but also their families. Including activities and projects such as building indoor vegetable gardens, tips on fixing quick and healthy lunches, recipe exchanges, building a school garden to supply the cafeteria and any other enriching activities can help the kids get a firm knowledge and understanding of healthy eating habits. You can even conduct a healthy cooking lesson during P.E. to demonstrate and teach the children that eating healthy food need not be complicated.

Among other things, it is also very important to make sure that the staff too practices healthy eating habits. Children observe everything and even the youngest minds learn from example. As such, it is very important for everyone at the school to practice healthy eating habits, so that the students may learn the same.

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