Top 10 Apps for K-12 Education

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March 21, 2014 — 977 views  

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace. As such, it is having a greater impact on our lives with every passing day. Technology today has a great impact on learning processes and has made inroads into the classroom through BYOD, educational apps, app-based learning and much more. Here are 10 such apps that have redefined technology in the classroom.

Shakespeare in Bits

This app, created by Mindconnex Learning Ltd, is designed to help the students understand Shakespeare's works which are featured in this iPad app. The app displays the text from the play alongside catchy animations. The app also provides plot summaries, quotes, study notes and character analysis.

Stick Pick

This app from Buzz Garwood is more helpful to the teachers than to the students. The app is designed to help the teacher pick students at random to ask questions about the class. The app includes several settings such as English Language Learners or the Bloom's Taxonomy. The teacher can vary the level of difficulty to match the learning abilities of the students.

Grammar Up

Grammar Up by Kuber Tech is a quiz based app designed to help students learn English vocabulary and grammar. The app includes over 1800 multiple choices type questions. There is also a progress meter that encourages students to answer more questions.

Teacher's Assistant Pro

This app by Lesson Portal, LLC has been designed to keep track of the behavior of the students. The teacher can add infractions, accolades and other specific details that can later be passed on to the parents through person, phone or email.

Word of the day

This app from Code Driven is a vocabulary based app. The teachers can share one word everyday with their students along with its meaning and usage. Or the students can use it on their own for the same purpose.

Graphing Calculator

The graphing calculator app by Appcylon LLC provides you with the full functionality of a graphing calculator for free. In addition to the features available in a graphing calculator, the app has a handful of other features.

NASA app

The official app from NASA provides plenty of images, videos, news and other information related to space.

Merck Periodic Table of Elements

This app has been designed by Merck KgaA and displays all the elements in the Periodic table in an interesting manner.

Math Tutor

The Math Tutor app is designed by Blu Studio and is an excellent app for learning elementary mathematics. The app includes simple math problems that get progressively difficult when the kid answers each question correctly.

A+ Grade Calculator

This app from DY Software is a great app for teachers to help evaluate and grade their pupils. The app allows you to calculate the percentage score of the students based on the number of correct answers.

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