Teachers on Pinterest: Educational Boards You Should Watch

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June 4, 2014 — 6,018 views  

Teachers on Pinterest: Educational Boards You Should Watch

Teachers are always looking for creative new ways to introduce advanced concepts to students, and perhaps the best way to find new ways of introducing those concepts is Pinterest. The social media site has long been a hub of DIY activity around the home, but it's increasingly home to a growing community of teachers who are sharing everything from worksheets to visual organizers, classroom presentations, and uniquely interactive ways of introducing, reviewing, and assessing concepts at all grade levels. For those interested in this unique opportunity, consider five of the best Pinterest boards worth watching.

1. EdTech

Technology in the classroom is an increasingly effective way to get a point across to students who have never lived in a world without personal computers in the home. It's also increasingly required by state and federal standards. This Pinterest board explores the best ways to use tech to teach students everything from math to grammar, biology to basic social studies.

2. WeAreTeachers

The WeAreTeachers collection of dozens of Pinterest boards is an exciting way to see what other educators are doing in their classrooms. Whether it's a bulletin board display, tips and hints on saving money when securing classroom supplies, or unique ideas for teaching lessons with hands-on activities and high-tech demonstrations, this board has it all. Virtually all grade levels are covered as well, ranging from pre-school to students' final year in high school.

3. Teachers On Pinterest

Pinterest itself recognizes the utility of its social network in teaching, and has created a "Teachers On Pinterest" collection of boards that are separated by grade level and the subject being taught. While not a board itself, this is an excellent place for teachers to start and will certainly get them used to thinking about how Pinterest can supplement their existing lessons and offer them great, new ones for future use.

4. Hands-On Science

Nothing teaches science quite as well as a hands-on lesson, and the Hands-On Science board is full of great ideas that span all grade levels. The primary focus is on elementary and middle school education, but it's worth noting that these grades are the ones most directly impacted by hands-on activities to teach basic concepts.

5. Middle School Social Science

From a primer on westward American expansion to gummy bears that teach the difference between conflict, war, and peace, there are some excellent ideas for middle school social studies teachers on this unique board. The board itself is part of Pinterest's own collection of great teaching ideas, and represents one of the most central gathering places of today's social science teachers online. There's sure to be something relevant to all grades from 5th through 8th in this collection.

An Excellent New Way to Discover Teaching Tools, Materials, and Methods

Even the most seasoned educator can benefit from the use of Pinterest to find new ways of teaching old lessons. These five Pinterest boards are ahead of their time, designed to give teachers a head start when planning lessons and making sure that students are engaged from start to finish.

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