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You Can't Make Me… Working With Students With Oppositional Defiant Behaviors

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Gain an understanding of what Oppositional Defiant Disorder is, learn how to stop it, and most importantly, learn how to prevent it.Are you seeing an increase in students with oppositional defiant behavior? Are you frustrated when you request them to do something and they won't do it? Do you want to learn what approaches work best for these students? If so, this topic will teach you more about the characteristics of these students and why they act the way they do. During this practical topic, you will earn effective behavior management strategies that will enable you to work effectively with these students. You will discover positive interventions that can make a big difference in the students' behaviors and new ways to avoid power struggles with students. You will learn how to talk with the students to gain their compliance. This topic will also focus on preventing low-level forms of aggression from turning into high level aggression.


Beverley Holden Johns, Learning and Behavioral Consultant

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