Seminar ID: 100337

Overview of Differentiated Instruction: Striving to Reach and Teach All Learners

Presented By:
David Ghoogasian

Educational Consultant & Trainer
The Lyceum

You will Learn:

  • Learn about what differentiated instruction is and isn’t
  • Understand why teachers should differentiate instruction
  • Discover what differentiating instruction is based upon
  • Learn what can be differentiated
  • Uncover some ways to differentiate Instruction

In every classroom, teachers are faced with the challenge of educating students who differ in their readiness, interests, and learning needs. They are supposed to deliver a set of standards, which may overwhelm some student while leaving others unchallenged and unmotivated. What can teachers do to help meet the needs of all students? In this 10-minute webinar, you will get an overview of differentiated instruction and explore ways in which you can use appropriate strategies to help them reach and teach all your students.