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Best Practices for Managing Large Classrooms

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Purchasing this OnDemand Webinar offers educators a condensed system of preventative classroom management practices to address today's complex students. An ecological model of practical, research-based interventions is presented to create a functional classroom that maximizes student achievement and accountability. Field-tested in dozens of elementary-secondary schools, suburban to urban locales, these techniques promote academic readiness, while also nurturing student-teacher interactions. A combination of positive, energy efficient procedures produce behavioral compliance and self-control. Corrective strategies are also highlighted to diminish reliance on unreliable reactive responses to punish disruptive conduct. Adaptable to both school-wide application and individuals, especially new staff.


Donald F. Perras, Ph.D., D.P. Enterprises


Overview of Developmental and Social-Cultural Issues Impacting Students' School Behavior

Discussion of Association Between Academic Instruction and Classroom Management

Discussion of Typical Behavioral Challenges Confronting Educators

Orientation to an Ecological Model of Strategies to Enhance Prosocial Behaviors While Managing Misbehavior

Discussion of Five 'Proactive' Ecological Model Strategies That Empower Educators

• Setting Rules

• Positive Reinforcement Options

• Modeling/Contracting

• Group Rewards

Discussion of Three 'Corrective' Ecological Model Strategies to Suppress Misbehavior

• Extinction

• Response Cost

• Time Out