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Best Practices for Motivating Students

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

If you're tired of struggling to work successfully with unmotivated, bored, and disinterested children and teens, then you will want to be part of every minute of this OnDemand Webinar. This program is packed with dozens of innovative, ready-to-use, more effective strategies to turnaround unmotivated students in grades Pre-K through 12. These techniques are real-world, practical methods, not more theory that doesn't help remedy the problems. These methods are so new that they're not included in your training. These lively, attention-grabbing approaches will provide you with an arsenal of surprisingly different, problem-stopping solutions that are designed to work when conventional approaches fail. This program will explain why some students struggle in school due to motivation problems, then show you what you can do to systematically improve the situation. Strategies will be offered for students who say they don't need school because they'll go on welfare, marry a wealthy man, win the lottery, play pro sports, or have their family take care of them. This OnDemand Webinar includes an extensive workbook of reproducible student worksheets and posters that help build students' motivation and interest in school. A special focus will be offered on motivating students who present behavior problems, have special needs, are troubled, or are failing in school. Working with unmotivated students doesn't have to be so difficult. This OnDemand Webinar can help.


Ruth Herman Wells, M.S., Youth Change Professional Development Workshops



• Presenter Introduction and Credentials

• Overview of Workshop; Review Course Agenda

• Following the Powerpoint® Presentation


Why Some Students Are Unmotivated

• Common Causes

• The Critical Missing Element: School Skills Training

• The Role of Poor Motivation in School Behavior, Academic Performance, and Attendance

• Parents and Families Used to Teach or Impart Motivation

The Impact of Poor Motivation on Problem, Challenged and Special Needs Students

• Help for Academics Does Not Extend to School Skills Deficiencies or Behavioral Issues

• No School Skills Training Accommodations Made for Special Needs Students

• Motivation Can Be Enormous Force for Success or Failure; Must Be Combined With School Skills Training

Ready-to-Use, More Effective Motivational Strategies

• Strategies for Pre-K Through 12, Adaptations Provided

• Some Strategies Provided in Course Workbook; Link Provided at End of Class

• Will Provide Strategies for Variety of Reasons Students Think School Isn't Important Including 'I'll Be a Sports Star,' 'I'll Marry a Wealthy Man,' 'My Family Will Take Care of Me,' and So On

School Skills Training Needed to Successfully Motivate Unmotivated Students

• The Huge Array of School Skills

• How to Incorporate School Skills Training

• Impact of School Skills Training on Motivation