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A New DSM-5 "Alternative Model" for the Personality Disorders

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

You will learn the most recent findings about the prevalence of personality disorders, their causes, and how to identify and treat patients with these disorders. There will be special emphasis on borderline personality disorder, the personality disorder most frequently encountered in mental health treatment settings. The American Psychiatric Association practice guideline for the treatment of patients with borderline personality disorder will be described, indicating that there are effective, evidence-based treatments for patients with this challenging, disabling and often misunderstood condition. In addition, a new Alternative Model for Personality Disorders, recently published in Section III of DSM-5, will be described.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss dimensional vs. categorical models for the personality disorders.
  • You will be able to review patterns of treatment for borderline personality disorder.
  • You will be able to discuss biological and genetic factors in borderline personality disorder.


John M. Oldham, M.D., Menninger Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine


Prominent Descriptive Dimensional Models for Personality

The American Psychiatric Association Categorical System

Personality Disorders vs. Personality Traits or Styles

Example: Borderline Personality Disorders

• Diagnosis

• Neurobiology

• Longitudinal Course

• Practice Guideline Treatment Recommendations

DSM-5 "Alternative Model": A Hybrid Approach

BPD by the "Alternative Model"