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Combating Diet Demons: How to Treat Eating and Weight Issues

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of how to incorporate recovery-focused, action-oriented therapeutic strategies with eating and weight issue clients to achieve successful treatment outcomes.In treating clients with eating and weight issues, it is important to stay open to all aspects of their concerns, especially with regard to underlying emotional causes and accompanying co-occurring disorders. It is helpful for clinicians to address eating and weight issues from an acceptance framework, which assists clients with regard to validation and self-esteem building, ultimately leading to successful treatment outcomes. Finding solutions for eating and weight issues clients include incorporating tips and techniques from the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement and Recovery TOTS (Tools of Twelve Step). Both of these solution based approaches provide options for normalizing and validating eating and weight issue obstacles while creating treatment plans focusing on client self-acceptance and skills for building community connections. This information will focus on tools for emotional healing essential for working with eating and weight issue clients in treatment. Multiple resources for clients will be identified that can serve as an adjuncts to therapeutic work. You will gain greater knowledge and understanding of how solution focused, recovery oriented treatment frameworks provide an assist in creating a structure, path and direction for working towards successful and positive outcomes.


Valerie Shinbaum, MS, LPC, MAC, NCC


Diet Demons Defined

• Negative Impacts of Diet Demons

- Eating Disorders (Particularly Binge Eating Disorder - BED)

- Self Esteem Sabotage

- Body Image Distortion

- Compulsive Exercising

- Health Issues Avoidance

- Social, Cultural and Media Biases

- Family of Origin Beliefs

Eating Disorders Information

• General

• Focus on Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

• Co-occurring Disorders

Negative Impacts

• Self Esteem Sabotage and Body Image Distortion

• Family of Origin Beliefs

• Social/Cultural and Media Biases

• Compulsive Exercising and Health Avoidance Issues

Defying the Demons

• The Health at Every Size (HAES) Movement

• Through the Addictions Treatment Lens

- Addiction Information

- Recovery Tots (Tools of Twelve Step) Integration

Identifying Treatment Obstacles

Successfully Addressing Treatment Obstacles

Best Treatment Outcomes