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Caring for Nursing Home Residents Approaching the End of Life: A Social Work Perspective

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain a better understanding behind the importance of identifying residents who may be closer to the end of their life and the additional care options that are available to them.Our aging population is at the crossroads of facing end of life within a culture that rarely discusses death. With over 30% of our population dying in nursing home facilities, it is imperative that we as professionals feel comfortable and educated enough to address these topics. This material helps professionals working directly with residents and their families to identify when a resident is getting closer to end of life, and suggests ways to carve out a role to navigate this by reviewing aspects of advance care planning. This content further provides clarification around the specifics of palliative care and hospice services, then reviews specific ways to identify residents who may meet hospice eligibility criteria. You will be provided with ways to recognize the signs of medical decline. Lastly, this topic will address how to have these conversations with the resident and their family. This information is critical for professionals working directly with residents in long term care nursing facilities in order to normalize planning for end of life care starting upon admission and throughout the course of a resident's stay.


Erin Nielsen, The Holding Group Laurel Tropeano, The Holding Group


How to Identify Residents Nearing the End of Life

• Why Identification Is Important

• Your Role - Specifics on How to Implement Ways to Help Residents and Their Families

• Advance Care Planning and Supporting Documentation

Overview of Palliative Care and Hospice

• Palliative Overview

• Hospice Overview (Including How the Veterans Administration Interfaces With Hospice Benefit)

• Hospice Eligibility

Recognizing Medical Decline

• Disease Trajectories and What to Expect

• Hospice Criteria and When/How to Make a Referral

How to Normalize Conversations Around End of Life Care

• Identify Key Moments in a Resident's Trajectory to Address End of Life Topics

• How to Introduce and Then Continue These Conversations Over Time